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Kerala Veterinarian Gets Patent For Biodiesel From Chicken Waste – dot newz



John Abraham said his biodiesel has a vegetable oil smell and looks light yellow (Representational)


After waiting for more than seven years, John Abraham, a veterinary-doctor-turned-inventor, has finally received the patents for inventing biodiesel from slaughtered chicken waste that offers mileage of over 38 km a litre at around 40 per cent of the current price of diesel and lowers pollution by half.

After seven-and-a-half years, the Indian Patent Office finally granted us the patent on July 7, 2021, for inventing “biodiesel produced from rendered chicken oil”, Mr Abraham, an associate professor at the veterinary college here under the Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, told PTI from Wayanad.

The invention is an outcome of his doctoral research at the Namakkal Veterinary College under the Tamil Nadu Veterinary & Animal Sciences University.

He said the patent was delayed as permission from the National Biodiversity Authority was needed because the key raw material going into the patented invention was a biological material locally sourced.

During 2009-12, Mr Abraham pioneered research on producing biodiesel from the slaughter waste of broiler chicken and dead poultry birds. He completed the research under the guidance of the late Prof Ramesh Saravanakumar (passed away awaiting the patent in November 2020), who had filed for the patents in 2014 on behalf of the Tamil Nadu Veterinary & Animal Sciences University, Mr Abraham said.

After his research, Mr Abraham joined the Pookode Veterinary College, near Kalpetta in Wayanad, and in 2014 he set a Rs 18-lakh pilot plant at the college campus with funding from the Indian Council for Agricultural Research.

Following this, Bharat Petroleum’s Kochi Refinery in April 2015 had issued a quality certificate for the biodiesel he invented and since then a college vehicle was being run on this fuel only, he said.

When asked why chicken waste, he said birds and pigs have single stomach which offer higher fat saturation and this is easy to render oil under room temperature.

Three of his students and Mr Abraham are now working on developing biodiesel from pig waste.

He said 100 kg of chicken waste, procured from slaughter houses for which he gets paid up to Rs 7 a kg, can produce 1 liter of biodiesel, which offers over 38 kmpl and can be sold at 40 per cent of the diesel price now.

The higher mileage and lower pollution is due to the fact that chicken waste contains 62 per cent fat, offering the key energy content of Cetane at 72, while in normal diesel it is only 64. It also increases engine efficiency by 11 per cent due to the presence of more oxygen, and reduces smoke levels by over 47 per cent, Mr Abraham said.

The high Cetane value of 72 in animal fat bio-diesel leads to shorter ignition delays, providing more time for fuel combustion, leading to more efficiency and less exhaust emission, he explained.

On blending side, he said, for old diesel engines his biodiesel can be blended at a ratio of 80:20, while for new CDREi engines, it the reverse–20:80.

About commercialisation, he said a team from Hindustan Petroleum visited him last Friday, adding after the lockdowns he and the HPCL team would meet the Tamil Nadu veterinary university to negotiate the commercials as the patent is granted to the varsity.

Whether he’d begin commercial production on his own, given that the 2018 biofuel policy removes licence for producing and selling such fuels, he answered in the negative saying business is not his forte but research and that he would be happy drawing a royalty from licence holder.

“I don’t want to leave the job but pursue more research and we (two students from Kerala and a third one coming in from Cameroon) are already into inventing diesel from pig waste. I am ready to sell the patent for a one-time payment or an annual royalty,” he said, adding, however, the university will fix commercial aspects.

He said his diesel has a veg oil smell and looks light yellow, almost like the normal diesel.

The 2018 bio-fuel policy has proposed 10 per cent reduction in crude imports by 2020 with 20 per cent blending of bio-diesel and bioethanol and the bio-diesel required for 20 per cent blending is 16.72 metric tonne per day. Major buyers of biodiesel are IOC, BPCL, the Railways (piloting a Shatabti Express) and Karnataka and Kerala state road transport corporations.

Biodiesel can be used in all diesel engine types at 20 per cent blending level and it reduces total fuel consumption and brake specific fuel consumption, while it increases the mechanical efficiency and brake thermal efficiency apart from lower engine wear and a quieter engine leading to better fuel economy due to its better lubricating qualities.

The dry rendering process consists of pre-breaking, cooker charging, cooking, sterilization, drying, centrifuging and milling. The average yield of sterilized poultry carcass meal is 35 per cent of the weight of broiler waste loaded into the cooker.

Sterilized carcass meal is used as a feed ingredient with 62 per cent crude protein and 12 per cent total ash. Total yield of rendered chicken oil is 4 per cent of the weight of total waste. Another co-product is glycerol that has wider use in pharma, bakery, food and beverages, epoxy resins etc and can fetch Rs 254 per litre.

(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)

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1 Crore Jabs Till 1:30 PM. On PM’s Birthday, Government Aims At Record – dot newz




The vaccination campaign is key to BJP’s three-week celebrations to mark PM’s birthday.

New Delhi:

As the government raced to deliver a vaccination record on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday today, the country clocked over 42,000 vaccinations a minute, a senior health official said. Vaccinations crossed one crore in the afternoon – for the fourth time in less than a month – setting up a milestone by the end of the day.

Aiming at 2 crore vaccinations as PM Modi turns 71, the government added a ticker to track Covid shots being given across the country.

“Celebrating the relentless efforts of India’s vaccinators against COVID-19, we have added a ticker to show vaccinations happening in near real-time. We are currently clocking over 42,000 vaccinations/minute or 700/second,” tweeted National Health Authority chief RS Sharma, sharing the new feature.

The vaccination campaign is key to the BJP’s three-week celebrations to mark the Prime Minister’s birthday.

“Let’s do #VaccineSeva and give him (PM Modi) birthday gift by getting vaccinated those who have not taken the dose so far,” Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya had tweeted yesterday, urging people to get the shots.

To achieve its target, the BJP had prepped health volunteers “to ensure that the maximum number of people get their COVID-19 vaccines on the day”.

In recent days, India has reported more than one crore Covid shots in a day more than once.

Senior BJP leaders say the party wants to see the day “recorded in history” as one that saw a record number of Covid vaccines given.

By noon, over 94,00,000 vaccinations had been achieved. PM Modi’s home state Gujarat had crossed five lakh doses, more than the daily doses in the last seven days.

By afternoon, Bihar had given Covid shots to 7.3 lakh people, three times more than the average of the last three days. Madhya Pradesh was at more than 5 lakh doses – 75 per cent of the last two days’ average.

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Under-Construction Flyover Collapses In Mumbai’s Bandra, 14 Injured – dot newz




The under-construction flyover collapsed at about 4.40am.

At least 14 people were injured after a portion of an under-construction flyover collapsed in Bandra Kurla Complex in Maharashtra’s Mumbai today. The injured were taken to the VN Desai Hospital and their condition is stable, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation said.

The flyover collapsed at about 4.40am.

Visuals shared by news agency ANI showed police personnel and fire departments on the spot as the rescue work is underway.

There has been no loss of life and no person is missing due to the collapse, Deputy Commissioner Of Police Manjunath Singe told news agency ANI.

The flyover is located at MTNL junction in suburban Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) and will connect the complex’s main road and Santa Cruz- Chembur link road. The construction work of the flyover is being undertaken by Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA).

Further details related to the flyover’s collapse are awaited.

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On PM Modi’s 71st Birthday, President Kovind, BJP Leaders Extend Wishes – dot newz




Today marks the 71st birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi turned 71 on Friday as President Ram Nath Kovind and other dignitaries and politicians greeted him with BJP leaders hailing his leadership.

Wishing him a long and healthy life, President Kovind said may he continue to serve the nation with his spirit of relentless service.

Home Minister Amit Shah lauded Modi, saying he not only gave the country the idea to think ahead of time and fulfil its resolve with hardwork but also made it a reality.

In PM Modi, the country has got a strong and decisive leader who gave a dignified life to those who were deprived of their rights for decades, he said.

PM Modi brought them in the mainstream of development, Mr Shah added.

The prime minister has shown the world what people-loving leadership is like, he said.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said PM Modi has written many new chapters in development and good governance in his tenure so far and wished that he fulfil his dream of making India a strong, prosperous and proud country.

Born in Gujarat in 1950, PM Modi joined Hindutva organisation Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) at an early age and was later drafted into the BJP.

Made Gujarat chief minister in 2001, PM Modi has never suffered an electoral setback when votes were cast on his leadership, leading the BJP to power in the state for three consecutive terms and then at the Centre back to back in 2014 and 2019.

The BJP embarked on a mega 20-day public outreach, “Seva and Samarpan”, from Friday to mark his 71st birthday and it will continue till October 7 to also commemorate his 20 years in public life, including as Gujarat chief minister.

It has asked its workers to facilitate the COVID-19 vaccination drive as it eyes record-breaking numbers on Friday.

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